Li-Ion Cordless Impact Wrench-‘building workers’ best friend

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Years ago, workers have to tighten the nuts on the rack by hand day by day.

This working method is inefficient and time wasting.

Nowadays, Oubao Tools Co., ltd. is integrating the research & development resources to launch a brand new product which is called Li-Ion Cordless Impact Wrench-OB 801B.

This product can tighten the nuts on the rack easily, more safely and efficiently.

These tools not only afford effective work to the rack but also the vehicle maintenance, home decoration, etc.

This tool can combine with different size of seelves, while dealing with different screws. The operation is handy , convenient and faster.


  Product advantage  

1.The product lifetime of machine head\motor\controllerare extremely important because of the unsatisfactory construction site environment.

Complete the job in a liquid, timeless,secure situation will be beneficial for lengthing the lifetime of the tool.

2.Many Li-Ion tools use for the outdoor and above the ground situation, workers perfer the machine more powerful, comfortable and smaller.

The grip of OB801B has been designed to be very slim, which is comfortable for you to use in different situation, and trying our best to guarantee your security. 

3.Battery life is strong

Battery module is certified by the quakeproof and dustproof technology, also it has a wonderful package design; in order to offer you a even longer working lifetime, we have a 4.0Ah battery module for you to choose.